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Pay Per Click Management Services

Visibility and Traffic through Paid Marketing Campaign (PPC)

The ‘pay per click’ models is one of the features of Internet Marketing. It attempts to ‘buy’ relevant user visits to your website, App and videos and convert them into customers. This method involves displaying ads on various networks like search engines and social media platforms. The advertiser pays a fee each time someone clicks on their ad. The best feature of using a PPC campaign is that it does not charge you based on user impressions, only user clicks.

Ira Soft is a leading provider of digital marketing campaigns suited for a wide range of businesses irrespective of their size or scale. We can create a customized PPC campaign for your business to boost your website traffic and improve your conversion rates.

  • Team of Experienced and Certified Professionals
  • Transparent Pay Per Click Management Pricing and ROI (Return on Investment) Reporting
  • Conversion/Lead oriented campaign strategies
  • Experienced team of web developers for Landing page design and optimization according to policies
  • Advanced artificial intelligence to research market analysis and reporting
  • Shopping campaign for e-commerce business with Best ROI

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Team of Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising and Facebook Advertising Certified Professionals

Google Ads

Shopping Campaign

Mobile Ad Campaign

Display Ad Campaign

Analytics Tools

Services we Offer:

Google Ads Management Service

Google Ads is the most popular advertising search network. For any particular keyword, there are several bidders (businesses). Amongst all the bidders, Google selects the winner Ad using a set of metrics. The winner Ad gets displayed in the top position of the search results.

To have a winner ad, your CPC and Quality Score must meet the requirement. Your Quality Score depends on the CTR (Click Through Rate), landing page quality, and content. Ira Soft improves your Quality Score and boosts your bid. Additionally, our Google Ads expert is experienced and certified in various areas, including Google Ads, Google Shopping, Display Ads, Mobile Ads, and even Google Analytics.

Google Ads PPC Management by Ira Soft

Best Suitable Keywords Research

Detailed Market Analysis

Landing Page Design and Development

Campaign Creation and Ad Content Creation

Detailed Reporting Monthly wise

Campaign optimization

Microsoft Bing Advertising Management Service

According to statistics, 136 million unique searchers use Bing Network for their search. Many surveys show that the Bing audience falls in the age range of 34 to 54 and are well educated. This audience forms a potential client base that should not be missed out on. Ira Soft provides customized PPC campaigns for the Bing Network and makes sure you reach the untapped audience.
Our Microsoft Bing Advertising expert is experienced and certified in various areas, including Bing Ads, Shopping Ads, Display Ads, Mobile Ads, and even Analytics Tools.

Bing Ads Management Services by Ira Soft

Yahoo! Search Marketing (Yahoo Gemini)

YSM is an advertising platform similar to Google ads. It is not wise to depend solely on Google Ads. Yahoo Search alone reaches 117M unique searchers in a month. Few users are hooked on to Yahoo and use it as a default homepage and search engine. To avoid missing this market, you must hire someone who is well acquainted with YSM.
Ira Soft provides certified experts in YSM if you wish to choose Yahoo as your ad partner.

Yahoo Gemini Ads PPC Management Service

Pay Per Click (PPC) Account Audit

If you don’t want to hire somebody for your campaign needs, but want an audit done for existing campaigns, then Ira Soft can help you. It is essential to understand whether your campaigns are fetching you a good ROI.
Auditing services, along with improvement suggestions, are provided by Ira Soft at an affordable cost.

PPC Audit Service

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If you want to know more about how PPC will work for your business, or wish to modify your current campaign, we provide an absolutely FREE Consultation according to your business.
Our Certified Experts will clear all your queries, FREE of cost.

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  • Effective keyword research and selection
  • Increase Sales with E-Commerce PPC Management: GoDataFeed, DataFeedWatch, Dynamic Remarketing, Analytics Tools Integration & Goal Tracking, Amazon Advertising, International PPC Campaign, Social Media Product Advertising: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, & Snapchat, In-Store Visit Reporting.
  • Using advanced tools of analytics and reporting: GTM, Google Analytics, Marketo etc.
  • Google Local Services ads management: Voice Search Optimization, Create Effective Business Profile, Live Tracing
  • Artificial Intelligence Based Chatbot Implementation with App

The eight step process we follow at Ira Soft:

Google and Bing Ads Certified Experts
  • You don’t need to settle for anyone less than an expert. Ira Soft possesses certified experts for Google Ads as well as Bing Ads. Be it advertising with Google or Bing; we have verified and experienced professionals for every platform. Depending on your requirement, they will be allocated to your project.
Targeted Keyword Research
  • These professionals research on highly focused keywords according to your business after analysing your business and its offerings.
    These keywords will be most suited for your business and drive a good conversion rate.

Market Analysis
  • It is essential to analyse the competitor’s campaign and bidding strategy to devise a competitive plan and attack. This will help you stay ahead of your competitors. We analyse their landing page, and ad spend. This helps us develop a suitable and cost-effective campaign to suit your needs.
Quality Landing Page Development
  • Our in-house design team helps in designing a relevant landing page to boost your PPC Campaign further.

    Most Search engines take into account the quality of content and landing pages when selecting the highest bid. We make sure that we optimize these features so that your request gets selected the maximum number of times.

Perfect Ad Copy and Configuration
  • A suitable ad copy will be created to fetch the best possible ROI for your business. A conversion oriented campaign is devised and run on the required search networks.

    Our experts design the ad copy so that it not only attracts traffic but also boosts your sales.

Negative Keyword Management
  • There might be many keywords that are broadly related to your business but are not specific to your business. For example, if you are into selling’ sports shoes’, you may want to disassociate with ‘formal shoes’ and ‘casual shoes.’ We manage these keywords for your campaign to only pay for the relevant keyword suited to your business. This process reduces your spending and focuses it only on relevant keywords.
  • Every month’s end, a detailed report is prepared with the further plan of action. This is conveyed to you in a meeting, and your opinions and feedback are incorporated in the new strategy.

  • A campaign should be regularly optimized for better results. We devise an optimization plan according to the detailed reports. This helps in fine-tuning your PPC campaign over several platforms. There might be a few expensive and under performing keywords. These keywords are eliminated. If you have added new products and services, we optimize your existing campaign to include the additional keywords.

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  • So if you are looking to reap the several benefits of a PPC campaign, look no further!
    IRA soft provides customized, cost-effective, and client-oriented campaigns! Our certified experts with rich experience in display ads, mobile ads, shopping ads, and analytics create an enriched campaign that can be targeted at a diverse audience.
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