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Digital Media Marketing

Digital Marketing Services that generate revenue

“Not just another service package, but processes that deliver”

If you own a business or manage it, you must be well aware of digital marketing services and solutions required to get your business the edge. At Ira Soft, we push the level and take the next high step for our clients – we don’t just provide you with solutions like everyone else, we deliver results and generate impact.
At Ira Soft, we carry a vast experience in different digital marketing services, ranging from SEO to Social media Management and CRO. As an end to end marketing and advertising agency, we empower our clients with innovative digital marketing solutions that help them sustain and grow even in the times of unprecedented competition. Irrespective of your marketing goal – increase in traffic, sales or conversions, our expert team takes you through the process and strategizes in a manner that you never miss your mark.

Digital Marketing Solutions for your Brand

  • Paid campaign with best ROI: Create and manage Google Ads, Bing Advertising, and Yahoo Gemini Advertising Campaign.
  • Advertising Campaign: Search, Display, Shopping, Video, App and all type of campaign management.
  • Analytics: Web & App Analytics, Performance & Attribution, Dashboards & Data Visualization, Integrations, Business Intelligence.
  • Content & Experience: Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Video Marketing, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Video Ads Creation.
  • Sales & E-commerce: E-commerce Marketing, Amazon Advertising Campaign, Conversion Rate & Cost Optimization, A/B Testing, Affiliate Marketing.

Services that make a difference and drive growth

Let’s Begin with Free Auditing of your Online Business Strategy

Unlike every other agency out there, we at Ira Soft believe in delivery, and leave no stone unturned to think out of the box to help our clients survive and thrive even in tough competition.

digital marketing

We are with you as a Digital Marketing Service provider:

Content being the King, needs the Queen as Marketing to run the household.

  • Integrated Online Marketing Solutions: We cover all dimensions of online marketing services, from SEO to SEM, PPC, content marketing, mobile app optimization, and more.
  • Client-Centric approach: Imagine one could speak to all his prospects, understand their needs and prepare a pitch giving a personal touch to them. We are sure that he would get his customers’ buy-in.
    That’s what Ira Soft is all about.
    Ira Soft is keen on targeting the perfect audience, understanding their needs, converting the targeted audience into possible leads. Whether it’s with a paid ad on Google, a Blog Post on a hot topic or a white paper on LinkedIn, we know how to draw customer’s attention.

Ira Soft helps a business make its presence online, generating traffic and building brand visibility using the best possible methods of Digital Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization
  • You are 80% more likely to close a customer through organic searches from a search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Finding it hard to make a mark for your business on the digital forum and search engine positions? Let our team handle the same for you. To help your site achieve high exposure, high traffic, high ranking and high sales, Ira Soft Consultancy offers you advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in flexible, affordable packages.

    Get a custom strategy that works and delivers real results – both increase in traffic and sales for your business.

PPC (Pay Per Click)
  • Why pay for a top-down approach advertising when you can pay for ads that really generate results through PPC models? From Google to Bing and Facebook ads, you can easily target the relevant customer base and increase your sales manifold.
    Spending money on PPC campaigns is easy, but spending in a way that optimizes yields involves in-depth research, keyword selection, customized tactical strategy, and deployment in selected target regions supported by continuous monitoring and fine tuning.
    Get the best PPC advertising strategy and assistance from our experts!
Social Media Optimization
  • With over a billion users on major social media platforms, it is one of the biggest lead and consumer magnets for your business. We can help you manage your brand position, communication, image, and reputation over social media platforms for the edge you need to rule the target market.

    We provide SMM (Social Media Management) to increase any brand awareness, meet advanced conversion rates, good customer experience or satisfaction, and get more traffic inbound. So, take our SMM Services at best prices today.
Content Marketing & Distribution

Content is king in digital marketing

  • Looking to create a buzz around your brand with stories that connect?
    Our team of content curators and copywriters know what can push your brand ages ahead of the competition with brilliant engaging content that helps you engage with your prospective clients and customers. Get our expert assistance to help your brand right away!
Email Marketing
  • Facing issues communicating your brand offerings and special offers to existing and potential consumer base?
    Let our email marketing experts formulate the best strategy, content, and email marketing flow to help you increase your engagement and eventually sales from digital engagement. Ira Soft provides email marketing service which includes tailored email template, skilled copywritting, and advanced analytics tracking and reporting.
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Don’t just shoot arrows in the dark – use our expert assistance to help improve user experience across your website.

    Improved experience and strategic lead magnets help you increase your lead generation, conversions, and overall revenue from the same budgets and efforts.

Amazon Advertising
  • Most of the sales in Amazon come from small to mid-sized businesses and hence, it becomes absolutely necessary for you to understand how marketing works on this platform, with insights into Amazon SEO and Amazon Paid Advertising, we help you get your brand and products reach the right customers for increased sales and revenue.

Advertising video creation & Promotion
  • Wondering how to promote your brand with a promotional video?
    We have got you covered – from local artists to celebrities, we help you get the right ambassadors and promoters to help your brand with the edge it needs for widespread reach and success.
    Our video advertisement strategies give you the power to get your videos viewed via your targeted networks.
Animated Video Promotion
  • In general, Animation Video consists of short videos that communicate clearly and easily and provide information in a creative way that makes it unforgettable.

    So, we provide successful and efficient animated video promotions at affordable prices. You will be really advantaged by using our Animated Video Promotion Service.
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