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Result Oriented Social Media Marketing Service

Social media is widely used by everyone, irrespective of their age, location, or income. Brands need to have an online presence on these platforms. Each of these platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, have a different approach and strategy that works on them. To tackle all of these portals with unique methods and strategy can get quite tough for an entrepreneur.

Ira Soft can assist you in managing your social media marketing campaigns with ease. Digital marketing is the flavour of the season, and Social Media Marketing tops online marketing as it boosts your website traffic, brand awareness and provides relevant leads. Since the audience on Social Media is vast, it is essential to find the right target audience for your business. Digital marketing experts from Ira Soft streamline your campaigns to cater to that particular target audience.

  • Effective Facebook marketing strategy
  • Get Certified Experts for LinkedIn ads Management
  • Create a Twitter marketing strategy for your brand
  • A Winning Instagram Marketing Strategy
  • Promote your YouTube channel with certified Experts
  • Budget: This is the most important aspect of marketing campaigns. We ensure the budget must be meeting with business demand and clients’ need.
  • Strategic Content: Prepare fresh, meaningful and best content for ad copies including with images. The content should be meaningful, informative and attractive.
  • Targeting and reporting: After examining the interest and behavior of the audience, we target the right audience.

Reach Potential Customers with efficient Social Media Marketing campaigns

We have a talented pool of Social Media marketing experts who are certified for various platforms.

At Ira Soft, we offer all types of Social Media Marketing services, in which we ensure a creative and client-centric approach. We use advanced tools and technology to assess the success of these campaigns. If you too, are looking for a social media partner to broaden your reach and innovate your brand image, Contact us on Phone Number: +91 0120-428-1120 (India), (315) 514-3837 (USA) or reach out to us at to avail our services now!

Why IRA SOFT Win Clients Trust?

  • Client-Centric
  • Innovative
  • Creative
  • Advanced Technology

Social Media Services We Offer?


It is the largest social media platform globally, and anyone who is not on Facebook can be considered irrelevant. It makes your brand accessible to billions of users and opens you up to their vast geography. Engaging and converting customers is easy with Facebook.
Ira Soft helps promote you on Facebook by posting images, videos, product collection, a slideshow of your products, offers, and event promotions. We can focus on increasing your page likes and post engagement.


The micro-blogging website is famous for memes and content. Most people tweet/post on twitter to share their experiences and feedback. Every business, big or small, has a Twitter handle, which ensures that customers can access them and have a smooth interaction in case of any query.
We can help you by finding relevant leads from Twitter and increasing your follower count by posting engaging and unique content.


This is the most widely used social media platform designed especially for professionals. It works on a B2B basis as well. Connecting with people from the same industry or promoting your brand to potential businesses, both can be easily done via LinkedIn.
Our certified experts can make specific advertisements to target B2B clients. These experts will help you acquire potential clients and increase your sales.


The second-largest search engine in the world after Google is none other than YouTube. Posting videos on this platform will give you an enormous reach without any limitations.
Informative video content can be uploaded on this video-sharing website to promote your brand. Sponsored Card Advertisements and overlay display videos can be used for promotion on YouTube.

How we manage your Social Media Marketing:

Assign your project to an Expert
  • We have a talented pool of Social Media marketing experts who are certified for various platforms.
    According to your requirement, we allocate your project to a Social Media Certified professional or a multi-platform specialist, so that you get a wholesome and an expert opinion.

Budget Formulation
  • We ensure that the marketing budget is feasible for you. We involve our experts who work on a campaign which gives you maximum returns within a stipulated budget. We then allocate your budget to different social media channels and start working on a separate strategy for each one. If you have a spare budget, we can also devise a plan to invest in social media advertising for your brand.
Identifying Target Audience
  • After examining your audience’s demographics, behaviour, and interests, we recognize your most profitable audience and then research various factors to attract that audience set. This helps us filter out irrelevant people, and your content reaches the right audience.
    If the target audience is not correct, all efforts of an effective marketing campaign will be futile.
Preparing Strategic Content
  • The content strategy is devised depending on your goals, be it – brand awareness, brand engagement, or customer support. Depending on your audience type, we create educational/entertaining content to widen your reach. Fresh and meaningful content is designed for your campaign. It would also include relevant images or videos to attract more audience. This content is published at the right time. In the case of occasions and offers, the timing is well planned. The frequency of your social media posts will be well maintained.
Reporting and Feedback
  • Now comes the time to analyse the fruits of your social media marketing campaign. It is essential to understand the engagement level of our content.

    Statistics like – how many mentions you are getting in a month, how many people are using your brand’s hashtag, how fast is your reach growing, need to be assessed and compared. This will help you understand the efficiency of the marketing campaign.

Optimization Process
  • Our Social Media experts constantly optimize your campaigns to suit your dynamic business needs. Depending on the reports, we take further actions to optimize your marketing campaigns on various social media platforms.
    We take into account your feedback and customer reviews, to enrich our campaign.

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